Choices – Which Vehicle is the right one for you?

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August 27, 2015
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Choices – Which Vehicle is the right one for you?


In South Africa we are really spoilt for choice when it comes to purchasing a new or used vehicle. How do you decide which vehicle is the right one for you? Purchasing a vehicle is exciting and there are numerous online car shops and motor dealerships selling a huge selection of new and used vehicles. It can however be quite confusing deciding which model best suits your needs and budget without letting emotions take over your decision. This blog discusses important factors to consider when purchasing your next car so that you don’t have any regrets.

Budget will be one of the most important factors when searching for that perfect vehicle. Online car shops such as SACARS4SALE have a handy Finance Calculator which can give you a pretty good estimate on what your monthly repayments will be. When you have a clear indication on what you can afford you will be able to then choose a vehicle that will not cause you to over extend yourself. Let’s face it. You want to be able to enjoy your new vehicle and not stress about monthly payments.

Now that you know what vehicle price would suit you the next point to consider would be the style of car. Do you have a large family? Are you looking for a model that is economical on fuel? Are you looking for something fast and sporty? Do you want a vehicle that is a 4X4 for those long adventurous trips?

The style you choose should be one that will reflect you and your personal needs for example if you are planning a family in the near future it may not be a great idea to purchase a sporty looking convertible.

Typical style categories available are





Station wagons



The amount of passengers that you typically carry will determine the size of vehicle you will buy. There are a range of smaller economical hatchbacks on our online portal that are surprisingly spacious enough to carry a family of 5 and ideal if you commute long distances for work.

Be realistic on how much power you actually need when searching. There are many high performance cars available that will set the heart rate going. If you typically drive in city areas you may hardly ever have the chance to really open up and enjoy the power. These cars also tend to use more fuel than other less powerful models. If you need to tow a caravan, trailer or boat then power will be an important feature to consider.

Running costs on luxury or high tech models can be costly. It is always a good idea to look at the service, repair, insurance and parts especially if you are opting for a luxury or imported model.

Are safety features important to you? If so you might be inclined to search for models with airbags, ABS and crumple zones. Many of the newer models are equipped with some fantastic safety assist technologies. Research online, you will be amazed at the safety features available in some models.

We hope this blog will help you find that perfect vehicle. Feel free to browse our Website for a full range of vehicle models and remember that if you are private seller you get to register your car for FREE!

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