When is it the right time to Sell Your Vehicle?

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When is it the right time to Sell Your Vehicle?

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It can be quite exciting to sell or trade in your vehicle for a newer, updated model but have you ever wondered when it is the right time to sell your vehicle?

Every seller wants to achieve the maximum selling price and timing when to sell your vehicle can be an important factor in the price you will receive. Vehicles usually depreciate once driven off the showroom floor but the older your vehicle becomes and the more mileage you do, the less your selling price will be. Consider your vehicles age especially if you want to sell it or trade it in for an upgraded model. It may at times make more sense to sell when your vehicle it is still relatively new.

Are you paying your vehicle off? Do you still owe a large portion on the vehicle loan or do you still have a “balloon” payment to settle? It certainly will not be worthwhile selling your car if you owe more on your vehicle than its current market value. Rather keep the vehicle until your overall settlement figure has come down in order to avoid any financial stress.

Determine your vehicles resale value and demand by visiting SACARS4SALE website. You should be able to get a good indication on selling prices and competition and whether it is worthwhile to currently list and sell. You can even use our Car Alert form so that you will be immediately alerted when similar model vehicles in your area are listed.

Life circumstances change. Some buyers will want to swop their two door vehicle for a family vehicle with extra safety features when their family expands. Others will want something smaller, economical or grander and sportier. Try to base your vehicle selling and purchasing decisions with affordability and future needs in mind.

If you decide to sell your vehicle privately it can be well worth replacing tyres, brakes, fuses or broken lights. These repairs shouldn’t necessarily cost you an arm and a leg but can help you achieve a decent selling price if you have replaced or repaired certain parts.  If you have an older vehicle and your repair costs are climbing or starting to exceed the vehicles value it may be time to sell. If on the other hand your vehicle is reliable, suits your budget and the spares and services are affordable you may opt to hold onto your car for a year or two more and save for a good deposit for your next dream vehicle.

Consider the price of fuel and your vehicles fuel economy? At the moment the price of fuel has fallen and consumers are extremely happy about that. Some owners will still consider replacing their thirsty double cab or SUV for a more fuel efficient vehicle especially if they are travelling long distances every day.

If you have decided that it is the right time to sell, you will have a good chance of finding the right buyer when you list your vehicle online. More and more private sellers and motor dealerships are advertising their vehicles online and are having much success.  If you are a private seller you can register and list your vehicle for free on SACARS4SALE website. It is an extremely simple to use and mobile friendly website. There is also a list of affordable packages for dealerships wanting to list their vehicles.

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