There are thousands of vehicles for sale in dealerships, magazines and online portals. We thought we would share some tips on how to get your vehicle to stand out and not only get sold but achieve the best selling price possible.

It is common knowledge that most vehicle prices depreciate the moment you start driving them. A vehicle in South Africa is often not a luxury, but a necessity. It gets you to your job, transports your children to school, allows you to take family trips and much more. Caring for your vehicle and keeping your maintenance records is an important aspect in maintaining the overall condition of the vehicle. If you look after your vehicle from day one by performing regular maintenance, servicing, sensible driving and cleaning this will go a long way in helping you to achieve a decent selling price. In other words taking care of your vehicle is not something that you will do a week before you advertise it.

Replace burnt fuses and broken lights. Check your tires and if necessary replace them if they are worn especially if you want to achieve a higher selling price. The interior areas such as under the bonnet should be checked. An engine that is grease free with neat tubing will make the vehicle appear newer and properly maintained.

A good interior clean of seats, carpets and dashboard is a must. Consider how old or new your car is and how much its potential resale value is. If your vehicle is a higher end or luxury model it may be worthwhile sending the vehicle for a professional auto valet. Luxury car buyers will search for a vehicle that is in pristine condition. A professional auto valet company will clean your vehicle from top to toe and this should include any hard to reach areas such as wheel arches, engine compartments and door seals. The engine compartment should be steam cleaned, carpets, car-seats and boot shampooed, vehicle exterior and alloy wheels washed, dash and centre consoles wiped and an exterior vehicle wax and polish performed. If your vehicle is not a luxury model you can opt to clean the vehicle yourself or take it for a good clean at your local car wash stand.

Do a bit of research on the internet at other vehicle sites or online portals such as SACARS4SALE to determine an accurate and realistic selling price for your vehicle. Vehicles that are over-priced will be quickly over looked for other more realistically priced models. Today’s consumers are educated and will take into account your vehicles year, mileage, features and overall condition. They also have a fair idea of vehicle market values. When deciding on the selling price leave some room for negotiations as most buyers will want to negotiate.

If you are going to be advertising your vehicle online ensure that you have good quality photos of both the interior and exterior and include as much information as you can on the vehicle. Good photos and information tend to attract a higher number of hits on online vehicle sites.

A small security tip- Meet potential buyers in a safe public area and never let them take the vehicle for a test drive by themselves. We also advise that you ask them for a copy of their ID and drivers licence.

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